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Since 2015, we have donated Lemonaide proceeds to the organizations listed below:

Alexandria Police Foundation’s “Shop with a Cop Program”

The “Shop with a Cop Program” will provide funds to allow Alexandria police officers to accompany local at-risk and low-income kids as they shop and buy holiday presents.



Carpenter’s Shelter

Carpenter’s Shelter’s program to send homeless children staying in the shelter to after school programs, summer camps, and fun field trips.



Community Lodgings

Community Lodgings’ girls’ and boys’ weekly mentoring program for homeless or low-income families.



The Fund for Alexandria’s Child

The Fund for Alexandria’s Child programs provide enriching opportunities for children who are in foster care or who are at risk of abuse and neglect.



Liberty’s Promise

Liberty’s Promise is an organization that supports low-income immigrant youth by educating them about active civil engagement, college opportunities, and future careers." target="_blank" class="qbutton " style="">LEARN MORE

Space of Her Own


Space of Her Own, Inc. provides preteen girls with one-on-one volunteer adult mentors to foster social, emotional, academic and creative enrichment. Youth engage through visual arts, carpentry and life skills classes and work with their mentors to transform their bedrooms and build bright futures. Our programs prevent juvenile delinquency and promote success in school.


We envision a strong sisterhood…

To reach girls in need and prevent juvenile criminal involvement

To engage all participating youth in art and carpentry projects as outlets for self-expression and creativity

To empower youth to see the arts as an endeavor at which all can succeed

To increase participating girls’ self-esteem, help them recognize their strengths and develop their sense of self

To cultivate life skills, including:


  • Positive communication
  • Goal-setting
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership
  • Anger management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Healthy eating
  • Etiquette
  • Community service


To provide every participant with a personalized Space of Her Own that encourages creativity, conveys a sense of value and serves as a lasting reminder of her circle of support and care

To have a lasting impact by fostering one-on-one mentor and peer group relationships beyond the one-year program.



Wright to Read


Every gift is important to Wright to Read and helps us to achieve our mission “to provide volunteer-based, one to one, sustained literacy tutoring and mentoring to elementary school children in need in Alexandria City Public Schools. We collaborate with families, schools and community partners to create a caring network that guides each child to success.” The Kids Helping Kids youth organization is a valued partner.


Being a 2015 Lemonaide Day beneficiary was a great experience. Not only did the grant make a big difference to a small grassroots charity that relies on contributions to pay for books, field trips, enrichment activities and much more, but it was very appropriate that KHK presented the check at our annual end of school year picnic, an event at which our volunteer “tutor/mentors” students and families celebrate their work and friendship.


Mr. and Mrs. Wright created Wright to Read 35 years ago because they believed in the power of literacy to transform lives and wanted share their good luck and make a difference for Alexandria’s children in need. They have left an extraordinary legacy that thrives through the volunteer “tutor/ mentors” who work every day toward the vision– Every child will have the necessary literacy skills to achieve success in school and in life – and the many donors, such as Kids Helping Kids, who support the vision.



YoKid…Stretch Your Limits

YoKid…Stretch Your Limits programs to help local kids confront the challenges of stress and obesity by providing opportunities such as attendance at the National Kids Yoga Conference, where kids learn to increase their self-awareness, concentration levels, and physical activity.



Wright to Read & Kids Helping Kids